Active in the production and distribution of paper cups and packaging, Cisa Paper is a brand that has been operating in the eco-sustainable market for over 10 years.
The focus of our company has always been the need to convert and sensitize the global market towards the use of paper cups which have a lower polluting impact on the planet.
Over time Cisa Paper has consolidated its position, becoming a point of reference for numerous Italian and foreign companies in the Ho.re.ca sector (the Hotel, Restaurant and Café sectors of the hospitality industry).
In recent years the brand has expanded its array of products by proposing an offer that ranges from lids to wooden stirrers up to a series of packaging designed for take-away or the food sector, also realized in paper.
Cisa Paper offers solutions for small and large companies, with customizable products, rapid production times and with a professional customer service always available to the customer.
The values and objectives pursued by our company fully comply with the European directives on sustainability and aim to convert and sensitize the global market towards the use of paper products.
Today, Cisa Paper offers a wide range of references aimed at satisfying every type of customer need, being able to count on numerous made in Italy products that make our brand a true promoter of the Italian workforce’s values and quality.

Do you also wish to do something concrete to contribute to the protection of the environment?

At Cisa Paper, we select only the best raw materials, optimize costs by saving on consumption, avoid waste and want to be the spokespeople for an eco-friendly lifestyle.
This is why we try to commit ourselves to a contribution toward environmental protection on a daily basis.
Follow with us a few simple tips for a sustainable and ecological lifestyle.

  • We limit food waste
  • We avoid running water if it is not “being used”
  • We buy less and better, such as 0 km or organic products
  • We use bikes and public transport if we can do without the car
  • We favor sunlight over electricity
  • We avoid using battery-powered appliances or choose rechargeable ones if necessary
  • We turn off the LEDs on TVs or screens if not in use
  • We introduce plants into the various environments to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide and restore the concentration of oxygen.
  • We carry out waste sorting, always!
  • We follow the \”eco-rules\” and spread them

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