PAPER CUP 75 ML - 2,5 OZ

The 75ml paper cup has been designed to fully enjoy the taste of espresso coffee in establishments such as bars, restaurants and hotels. Its dimensions canalize the aroma of the coffee giving importance to the product.

– For food use 
– Practicality
– High print quality
– Ideal for homes, bars, offices and canteens
– Odorless and tasteless
– Heat resistant

Bicchiere di carta 75 ml - 2.5 oz


– Capacity: 75ml
– Top diameter: 56mm
– Bottom Diameter: 35mm
– Height: 57mm


– Cardboard + PE
– Plastic free
– Cardboard + PLA
– Cardboard + Mater Bi
– Cardboard + Polymer

Would you like to customize the cup with your logo and an exclusive design?