The Cisa Paper catalogue offers a wide range of available products to be combined with the cups, such as birch wood stirrers and insulated sleeves.


Cisa Paper’s stirrers realized 100% with birch wood and part of the Starwood line, are ecological and resistant, perfect for mixing coffee and hot drinks and made according to techniques with zero impact on the environment.
Completely eco-sustainable, packaged individually in strips of 50 units they are available in the size 9cm and 14cm.

Palette in Legno


These paper-made insulated sleeves are an ecological product ideal for avoiding burns while carrying cups full of hot drinks.
The must-have accessory for businesses that carry out the take-away service.
Available for 240ml and 360ml cups, our insulated sleeves can be customized with a logo or a specific design.

Would you like to customize the INSULATED SLEEVE with your logo and an exclusive design?