PAPER CUP 160 ML - 5,4 OZ

PAPER CUP 160 ML – 5,4 OZ Graphic paper cup 160ml Acqua 160ml (blue or green).
Acqua (‘Water’ in Italian) is the 160ml line specifically designed for serving water.
With a targeted design and strictly ecological materials, it is an ideal line for the professional sector. Furthermore, it offers the customer a coordinated line in two colours, blue and green, for a strong graphic balance at the time of take-away.

– For food use 

– Practicality

– High print quality

– Ideal for homes, bars, offices and canteens

– Odorless and tasteless

– Heat resistant

Bicchiere di Carta 160ml 5.4 oz


Capacity: 160ml

– Top diameter: 64mm

– Bottom Diameter: 45mm

– Height: 75mm


– Cardboard + PE

– Plastic free

– Cardboard + PLA

– Cardboard + Mater Bi

– Cardboard + Polymer


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